We’re proud to support our 2012 beneficiaries:

The Wheeler Dodgeball Benefit Tournament is Wheeler Interests’ 5th annual charity dodgeball tournament. Last year’s tournament benefitted Horizons Hampton Roads and Samaritan House as well as other charitable organizations, such as the Navy Seal Foundation. 2012 beneficiaries include Samaritan House and the Access Aquarium program (via the Virginia Aquarium).

The 5th Annual Wheeler Dodgeball tournament will be held on Saturday, August 11th (8 A.M.–3 P.M.) at the Virginia Beach Field House (Virginia Beach, VA). Reserve your sponsorships and teams now! This year’s tournament theme will be announced in Spring 2012, but please remember that all teams are free to dress in any costumes that fit their own personal team name and theme. The tournament theme only applies to the Wheeler Interests team and decorations for the event.

Registration for this year’s tournament opens on April 1st. Early bird registration is active through May 30th – click here to learn more! Teams can also prepay for their onsite lunches (please see page 2 of the registration form). If you’re interested in playing but do not have a full team, we’d be happy to group you with other singles to form a full team. Please e-mail info@wheelerdodgeball.com with your request and we’ll gladly set it up for you. Teams that register by July 31st are guaranteed souvenir t-shirts. Teams will still be accepted after that date until registration slots are full, however t-shirts (and special sizes) are not guaranteed for late registrants.

Thank You Sponsors & Teams!

  We value all of the sponsors and teams who make this event possible. The 5th Anniversary Wheeler Benefit Dodgeball Tournament was a tremendous success featuring 61 teams competing in support of our two beneficiaries: Samaritan House and Access Aquarium. 2012 Tournament results are noted below.
Division Winners
Tournament Winners
5th Anniversary Wheeler Benefit Dodgeball Tournament

The Wheeler Dodgeball Benefit Tournament wishes to thank all participants and sponsors for making this year’s event our biggest to date.
We would also like to congratulate the following teams and individuals for their performance:

Gold Division
Gold Medal – The Dodging Dead
Silver Medal – Mancoll’s Misfits
Bronze Medal – Dinosaur Ice Machine

Silver Division
Gold Medal – Cool Runnings
Silver Medal – United States of Wheeler
Bronze Medal – The Fulton Fanatics

Bronze Division
Gold Medal – Croc of Seagulls
Silver Medal – Contract Killers
Bronze Medal – Pepsi II
Awards Best Team Costume – “Site of the Living Dead”, Site Applications
Best Opening Shtick – “Don’t Stop Ballieving”, Monarch Bank
Most Clever Team Name – “Stream Team” Urology of Virginia

MVP – Man, Chris Zelinsky of the Dodging Dead
MVP – Woman, Brittany Tedder of the Fulton Fanatics
Past Winners

We value all of our partners that make this event possible. Thank you to the 2011 sponsors and participating teams in the 4th Annual Wheeler Benefit Dodgeball Tournament. It was a great day and we hope that you all had fun supporting three wonderful causes! Our total donation dollar amount has reached $110,000 since our tournament’s inception in 2008. 2011 Tournament results are noted below.

Gold Division
First – Sliced Bread
Second – The Avengers
Third – Capital Punishment
Fourth – The Super Advocates

Silver Division
First – ADS Infidels
Second – Misfits Deuce
Third – D.O.L.P.H.I.N.S.
Fourth – Honey Badgers

Bronze Division
First – All Jacked Up
Second – Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’
Third – Montagna’s Admirals
Fourth – Misfits

Tournament MVP – Chris Zelinsky of Sliced Bread
Best Team Uniform – Sergeant Coco’s Creative Hearts Dodgeball Team
Most clever Team Name – Motion to Strike
Best Opening Schtick – Crusin’ for a Bruisin’
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